Marzano's New Taxonomy: A model that assesses the learning objectives

Education is defined and modelled on the lines of targeted learning objectives and is centered on predetermined goals which focus on realisation of learning. Over the past decades, in order to improve the learning attributes in students’, educa ..Read More

Cohorts and badges - How smart badges and cohorts can streamline your corporate learning management?

The influence of smart badges in all virtual learning management systems, especially those used in corporate environments, cannot be emphasized enough. A smart badge might seem like a cheap trick, but its effect on the psyche is not to be underestima ..Read More

An elaborate guide to gamification in corporate learning/professional development

How Does Gamification Work? Although it is difficult to give a clear definition of gamification, gamification is usually referred to as the integration of so-called typical elements and game processes in a non-gambling context.  One way to ..Read More

Step-by-Step Process of interactive webinar to increase engagement

In addition to the step-by-step guide, this blog aims to provide purposeful content that empowers you to host engaging webinars. You'll discover not only the process but also valuable strategies to heighten interactivity. With insights on pla ..Read More