Self Instructional Content

Self Instructional Content

Writing of self instructional material is different from writing a textbook content or academic content, because of the varied nature of both the forms. The self instructional content development is designed to introduce concepts, impart instructions, and test the instructional content. The need for quality learning materials has become even more salient and critical for learners to seek educational opportunities.

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Goal of instructional content

The goal of instructional content is to create material to develop educational and training programs for the learners.

Objective of instructional content

The self instructional content of a training session or program allows the learners to learn only what is needed for him, and whatever information is required.

Self instructional content intent

The self instructional content is designed specifically for publishers, public sectors, NGOs, e-learning companies, higher education system, and corporates.

What does the instructional content do

The curator of instructional content aims to explore concepts and generate ideas for the learners, with interactive and engaged learning session.

The features of self instructional content development

Align the learning

The self instructional material is needed to align the outcomes, content, and the assessment for the ease of learner and the creator. The alignment of the content, however, restricts the results of higher learning outcomes. The material of the instructional content has to be carefully designed to align the learning for the students.

Sequence the content

The self instructional content development is designed to put the content in proper sequence for the developers and the creators to have a proper flow chart of every chapter with a designated aim for the students. Sequencing the content helps the creators of self instructional content to keep all the chapters together, and prevent overlapping of ideas.

The mode and style of learning

Self instructional content is enhanced through learning activities, which include the process of thinking and generating new ideas. It enables the learners to monitor their understanding and keep on working on the same for better understanding.

Self explanatory content

Self instructional content is self explanatory for the learners and the creators as it lists the steps to follow by both of them. The self explanatory instructional content is problem solver as it requires a line of reasoning with a way of thinking.

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