Syllabus Design

The need of designing the syllabus

Syllabus designing is the base and core of any subject course, being the foundation of learning and knowledge. The effectiveness and the power of e-learning is determined by the foundation and coverage of a syllabus, as to how much syllabus is covered in a term and the entire base of e-learning depends on the structure, design, and coverage of the syllabus.

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What does a syllabus cover?

Basic information

The structure and eLearning course design, includes the basic information of the course. It covers the aim and objective of the course, as to what the student will learn by the end of the term and how the material of the coursework benefit the student.

Course description

The syllabus puts the description of the course in the picture for the students to know, what each chapter holds and how long it would take for him to understand and learn. The basic framework will comprise of minor and major things of the entire course with an understanding of the chapters.

Material of the course

The structure of the syllabus consists of the material, a student would require to study for the course. Every syllabus comprise of the topics it will cover in the course and a little idea of what is inside every chapter/ topic and what the student will learn out of the chapters.

Learner’s perspective

A syllabus is duly designed on the perspective of a learner, as to what will the student learn and how should he learn. For a term, there should be an equal balance of the topics and chapters to learn and understand by the student without putting a pressure on him through the course.

Instructor’s view point

The syllabus is not only designed well for the students, but also for the faculty and the instructor to pass on the knowledge and information. It is designed, considering the depth of the course, chapter, topic, duration of the term for the instructor to teach the students.

Interactivity within the course

The content and the structure of the eLearning course design in such a way as to build interactive sessions among the students and the faculty. There has to be a certain amount of understanding, retention, and application of the concepts for the students to understand better.

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